Mobile Intelligent Photography & Imaging
Workshop 2022

MIPI Workshop in conjunction with ECCV 2022, Tel-Aviv, Israel (Live on Zoom)
October, 2022

Challenge Tracks


Developing and integrating advanced image sensors with novel algorithms in camera systems is prevalent with the increasing demand for computational photography and imaging on mobile platforms. However, the lack of high-quality data for research and the rare opportunity for in-depth exchange of views from industry and academia constrain the development of mobile intelligent photography and imaging (MIPI).

The workshop's main focus is on MIPI, emphasizing the integration of novel image sensors and imaging algorithms. Together with the workshop, we organize a few exciting challenges and invite renowned researchers from both industry and academia to share their insights and recent work. Our challenge includes five tracks:

Unlike previous workshops that focus on image or video manipulation, restoration and enhancement, or the efficient designs of AI models for mobile devices, the central theme of our workshop encompasses new sensors and imaging systems, which are the indispensable foundation for mobile intelligent photography and imaging. As the first workshop of this kind, MIPI aims to organize a dedicated workshop so that we can solicit relevant solutions and attract a focused group from both academia and industry for fruitful discussions.

Datasets and Submission

Datasets are available at the Codalab site of each challenge track. Submissions to all phases will be done through the CodaLab site. Please register to the site and refer to the instructions on how to download the datasets and submit your results. The evaluation metrics of each track will be introduced in the respective site.

Link to Codalab: RGB+ToF Depth Completion -- Quad-Bayer Re-mosaic -- RGBW Sensor Re-mosaic -- RGBW Sensor Fusion -- Under-display Camera Image Restoration

Awards and Prizes

The winner teams of each track will receive a certificate and be awarded a cash prize. Challenge participants with the most successful and innovative methods will be invited to present at the MIPI workshop. The cash prize for each track:

  • First place: USD 1000
  • Second place: USD 800
  • Third place: USD 500

Terms and Conditions

Link to Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any inconsistency between the terms and details of this website and Codalab competition sites, the details on the Codalab sites shall prevail.


For more information, please contact us at mipi.challenge@gmail.com.

Call for Papers

Coupled with the workshop, besides the challenge, we also provide a fertile ground for researchers, scientists, and engineers from around the world to disseminate their research outcomes and push forward the frontiers of knowledge within novel image sensors and imaging systems-related areas. The MIPI workshop topics cover but are not limited to:

  • ToF depth completion
  • Quad-Bayer/RGBW sensor re-mosaic and fusion
  • Under-display camera image restoration
  • Event camera for image/video restoration
  • Learnable ISPs
  • Learning-based computational imaging systems: smart imaging and sensing systems, learned data acquisition, task-driven ISPs, etc
  • Computationally efficient computational imaging systems and algorithms

Papers will be peer-reviewed and comply with the ECCV 2022 proceedings style, format and length. The deadline for camera ready submission is the same as the main conference. Papers accepted must be registered and presented to ensure their inclusion in the IEEE Xplore Library. Selected papers will be invited to present in the workshop. Some papers will also be invited to contribute to a book chapter or a special issue article in our future publication. The format for submission is the same as the ECCV 2022 requirements .

Paper submission and review site: Submission Site

Important Dates

Event Date (Always 11:59 PM Pacific Time)
Site online Apr 08, 2022
Release of training data and validation data May 15, 2022
Validation server online May 15, 2022
Release of test data, test server online Jul 13, 2022
Test results submission deadline, test server closed Jul 20, 2022
Fact sheets submission deadline Jul 20, 2022
Final test and rating results release to participants Jul 30, 2022
Event Date (Always 11:59 PM Pacific Time)
Site online Apr 08, 2022
CMT online Apr 25, 2022
Paper submission deadline Aug 08, 2022
Supplementary materials deadline Aug 08, 2022
Notification to authors Aug 18, 2022
Camera ready deadline Aug 22, 2022
Workshop date Oct 23, 2022



Keynote Speakers

Ralph Edwards
Michael S. Brown

York University/Samsung AI Center

Ralph Edwards
Mohit Gupta

Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ralph Edwards
Wolfgang Heidrich

KAUST Visual Computing Center

Ralph Edwards
Peyman Milanfar

Principal Scientist/Director
Google Research

Ralph Edwards
Tomoo Mitsunaga

Sony Europe B.V.


Ralph Edwards
Chongyi Li

Nanyang Technological University

Ralph Edwards
Shanchen Zhou

Nanyang Technological University

Ralph Edwards
Ruicheng Feng

Nanyang Technological University

Ralph Edwards
Jun Jiang


Ralph Edwards
Wenxiu Sun


Ralph Edwards
Qingyu Yang


Qingpeng Zhu


Ralph Edwards
Chen Change Loy

Nanyang Technological University

Ralph Edwards
Jinwei Gu